Friday, September 22, 2017

Lamb Heart

Hello Bloggers
 This week we have been to some lessons in the Life Ed caravan with Harold.We learned about the body parts we have which keep us alive and healthy. So, our teachers decided to bring some real body parts of a sheep to school. We had to observe them like a scientist using our 5 senses. I got to eat some fried heart.It was very yum. 

Mrs B helped me edit my poem.

Thank you, Lamb.

Look here, some raw meat with lots of blood dripping out!

Awesome lamb, you must have been, eating lots of green grass in big fields.

You must have been chasing other little lambs and bowling them over.

Beautiful, chubby lambs running in the nice cool air.

Hungry heart beating as fast as flash running.

Amazing animal, running wildly while it was getting chased.

Now your heart is choking my throat.

Your healthy heart is making me strong.

By Enzo Boyce

Monday, September 18, 2017

Skittles Experiment

kia our  blogger we have being doing all of the we put samll and all
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Skittles Experiment

I could hear the Skittles in the bag shaking like a rattling rattlesnake. Mia came and put some Skittles in the plate. Then Mosese put them in order, there were green brown, orange and yellow. Then Miss B poured on some warm water. We watched the colours spread across our plate like a colorful waterfall. After that they were a rainbow in the plate. Then we could see little sssssss floating in the water like abandoned ships. Then, when Enzo shook the plate the colours mixed together and looked like the rotten flesh of dead pumpkin bodies.

By Enzo Boyce

Friday, September 15, 2017

The popcorn.

Kia ora bloggers

We have been learning how to put more description into our writing by using our 5 senses. One day, we got to make popcorn and write about it.Here is my work:

Pop, pop!  The bag was pumping up every five seconds.
Boom! The popping stopped. Mrs B opened the microwave door and a big wave of smoke boofed out. Yumm! Everyone smelled it and ran after Miss B. The bag of popcorn was steaming like a hot pot of water.

Next, roasted crumbs were sliding down my throat. Crunch,, crunch!  The left-over buttery  popcorn got stuck in my teeth. I was a wolf biting its prey. I tasted  the black ones and they were yuck!  I heard the cracks every time someone took a bite . I touched the melting popcorn on my hand and it felt slippery. Butter was sticking to the side of the packet like glue.Everyone was sliding their fingers into it and then licking them.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Beach.

Kia ora

This week we are learning how to describe places better by using our 5 senses in our writing. 
I hope you like it because it was a bit hard.


I smell the green palm trees waving in the cool summer breeze .

I see the blue shining water moving back and forward .

I hear the waves crashing down against the rough rocks.  

I feel the soft touch of the air on my face.

The taste I had was very salty and sweet like a lollie.
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by Enzo